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The GIR Company (General Investment Resources) was established in 2011 in Ukraine.

The main company activity is production and sales of refractory products for various industries. Being the owner, the company also manages 4 major refractory plants in Ukraine:

Krasnogorovka Refractory Plant

Krasnoarmeysk Silica Brick Plant

Druzhkovka Refractory Plant

Velykoanadol Refractory Integrated Plant

Since its inception, the company has been showing a positive trend of development, expanding its activities and increasing the number of customers. Today GIR is the biggest in Ukraine and one of the largest in CIS manufacturers of refractory materials.

Annual production of refractories by GIR`s group companies is 140 thousand tons.

Clear development strategy in conjunction with the operational organization of production, yielding results – all this makes the company's products widely known in the domestic and international markets.

GIR main goal is to constantly increase productivity and provide economic stability of the customers. We do it by offering new approaches to the design of thermal units’ lining and by introducing improved quality parameters to refractory materials. The use of refractory materials offered by the company can significantly increase the service life of thermal units, save energy and avoid extra hot repairs. As a result of this we are meeting the international quality standards, as well as making products more accessible and approachable for the most demanding customers.

Due to production of wide range of refractories GIR is proud to be a comprehensive supplier to satisfy all requirements of refractory materials for steel, coke, machine-building enterprises and glass-making industry.

To take into consideration raw materials, it is necessary to point out, that the company has its own facilities for the extraction of raw materials which allows to meet the needs of its own production in aluminosilicate and silica refractory materials.

Kirovograd Mining Company

Vladimirovka Field of Secondary Kaolin

The company structure includes the GIR Engineering division whose main tasks are improvement of existing production facilities, introduction of new technologies and rolling-out of new products into the market, projecting and design of technological processes, engineering, selection of raw materials and equipment, projects management.

The company consists of a strong cohesive team of highly skilled technicians and experienced managers, so in a relatively short period of time we have gained a reputation of reliable partners.

The network of regional sales offices allows to respond quickly to the customer’s needs, effectively control the quality of our products and to strictly follow the schedules of refractory products’ delivery.

We invite you for a reliable and long-term cooperation!

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