Top management

Supervisory Board Chairman

Guram Nemsadze

DOB: January 2

Founder of the group of companies GIR

His exclusive competence include definition of general strategy of the group of companies GIR, as well as control of its practical implementation; development of new effective business-lines; control of the activity of all the group structural divisions. 


He obtained higher education in such specialities as Finance, Economics and Business Activity, as well as Enterprise Human Resource Management. He is proficient in 3 languages. Before the group of companies GIR incorporation he worked as the Financial Director Deputy at construction company, as well as Director of Economics and Finance at the PJSC Krasnoarmeysk Silica Brick Plant.

Supervisory Board Chairman Deputy

Yurii Fomenko

DOB: March 20

Stood at the origins of GIR

His responsibilities include selection of optimal methods of production tasks performance, as well as extension of sales channels; solution of strategic issues, associated with group of companies GIR products distribution in all the regions of its presence. 



He obtained higher education in speciality Mineral Resources Deposits Development by Underground Technique. He started his working career in 1990. Since 1996, he has been working at the enterprises, comprising at present the group of companies GIR.

Finance and Analysis Director

Oleksandr Karakai

DOB: September 19

He is responsible for management of financial divisions system of all the enterprises that are the part of the GIR group. He is responsible for operative economic performance and optimization of business-processes. 


He is the member of the Supervisory Board of the plants that are the part of GIR structure: PJSC Krasnoarmiysk Silica Plant, PJSC Velykoanodolsk Refractory Works. Previously, he hold the position of Director of Economics and Finance, the Director General of the PJSC Krasnohorivka Refractory Plant. He obtained 2 higher educations in such specialities as Accounting and Audit, as well as Organization Management and Administration. He successfully passed Management Development Program Managerial Finance/International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv).

Strategy and Development Director

Revaz Dzhodzhua

DOB: October 31

He is responsible for operational management of the GIR group enterprises in respect of business-plans implementation, effective cooperation between structural divisions, as well as formation of effective management team.

He defines the company development strategy implementation. 


He is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the plants that are the part of GIR structure: PJSC Krasnoarmуysk Silica Brick Plant, PJSC Velykoanodol Refractory Integrated Plant. Previously, he hold the positions of Director of Economics and Finance, the Director General of the PJSC Krasnohorovka Refractory Plant, as well as executive positions in the company LLC Georg Biosystems. He has two higher educations, and also a scientific degree of the candidate of economic sciences. In 2015, he successfully passed Management Development Program Changes Management /International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) and Adizes School/

GIR team

The base of success of any organization always consists of spirit of unity and cohesion of personnel.

Therefore, the all level company management approved the concept of effective management based on the team value.

Taking care of and being loyal to employees, we achieve the best professional results and dedication of every person!

Our unique experience and approach to job considerably contribute to development of the enterprise and industry in general.

Trust, mutual support, respect and drive for development and high results are the main postulates of GIR corporate culture.

We set ourselves the goal to be the example of effective management and leadership.