LLC Druzhkovka Refractory Plant specializes in refractory mixtures (concrete, buffer, rammed, taphole and plastic masses) and refractories of various chemical composition (periclase-carbonaceous, chrome-periclase, periclase-chromite, periclase, mullite, mullite-corundum, etc.).

The company constantly works on development and introduction of new types of refractory products, focused on market needs. Refractories made by the LLC DRP for metallurgical and other fields of industry do not differ by its physical and chemical indices from the foreign analogues.

We are always ready to negotiate and to fulfill all the required conditions for satisfaction of the customer needs.


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    Production process

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    Periclase-carbonaceous refractories

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    Refractories for metallurgy

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    High-performance certified equipment

manufactures products for the following industries



Mechanical engineering

Thermal energy and energy saving

Silicate industry

Food industry

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