GIR INTERNATIONAL – trade company that represents interests of four largest refractory plants of Ukraine as to refractories sale and arrangement of complex supplies, including import product containing refractory goods and materials.

Creation of the group of companies GIR, the part of which is our company, gave the possibility to offer the refractories customer market the provision of the following services:

  • heat aggregates lining design;
  • heat aggregates refractories operation maintenance service;
  • engineering support under supervision contracts.


More than 550 permanent partners from all over the world


3 sales offices


4 large refractory plants

  • Matallurgy
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Building
  • Thermal energy and energy saving
  • Chemical
  • Silicate industry
  • Food industry
  • Raw materials
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We maintain deliveries of refractories for such sectors:



Mechanical engineering

Thermal energy and energy saving


Silicate industry

Food industry

Raw materials

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