PrivJSC "KDZ" is present on the market for over 100 years. During this period of time the company has proved itself as a reliable supplier of qualitative products and responsible contractor. Using high-performance equipment, the plant produces and offers for sale silica and zircon products. These materials are indispensable in the coke-chemical, metallurgy, jewelry and glass industries, as well as other industries.

KDZ performs serious work and has the serious purpose. Our main task is to achieve and to maintain the quality complying with the international standards. Thus, our products comply with the applicable DSTU and international ISO standards.

Our technical services are constantly exploring, developing and introducing new products. This allows not only to maintain high competitive ability, but also to improve product performance and expand markets. All this is supported by the facts – the plant products are already supplied to the CIS countries and abroad. In particular, high demand is for the products for coke furnaces, for glass furnaces (DSO, DSU, DSK grades), lightweight silica products, products for electric furnaces, etc.

One step forward. Perspective, progress, future

For KDZ, performance is very important. Our specialists are constantly working on improvement of the performance of production, accelerating scientific and technological progress, as well as the development and production of new types of competitive products.

We invest a lot in the work, in order to achieve the absolute growth of sales of our products, ensuring the stability of production and strengthening of our position in the global market. We are always one step ahead, because we are constantly develop innovative technologies and new products.

manufactures products for the following industries



Mechanical engineering

Thermal energy and energy saving


Silicate industry

Food industry

Raw materials

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