PJSC Krasnogorovka Refractory Plant is unique in production of all kinds of refractory products, as they are produced by the forces of a single industrial complex. We have our own production of silica and fireclay, modern production lines and lines for the production of piece products of any complexity. All these factors give us the possibility to perform centralized control of product quality and timely order performance. The above advantages are particularly important when implementing complex and demanding projects.

Considering the analogues of other manufacturers and obvious characteristics of the main regulatory figures, we can say that we have achieved the optimum ratio of the synthesized phases. This approach provides the minimum variation of product dimensions in the process of usage at the required temperatures and contributes to a long-term maintenance-free operation of heat aggregates.

Innovation. We are always one step ahead

Today, we can observe the intensification of metallurgical processes. In order to satisfy the demand for refractory products, we are constantly developing and producing new types of high-quality refractory products.

PJSC Krasnogorovka Refractory Plant individually created and implemented in the production the technologies of corundum-graphite products production.

PJSC Krasnogorovka Refractory Plant is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which produces products from quartz glass for free-flow output of metal from the tundish into the continuous cast dye (nozzles) and for protection of metal jet from oxidation (pipes).

They are used in the continuous steel teeming, as well as in different heat aggregates with high thermal load (nozzles, crucibles, boats, cases, covers, and other small sized products). The products are produced of quartz glass with the help of centrifugal casting, and the temperature of their application is 1540-1650 ° C.

Durability of products is as follows:

  • Nozzles – from 1 heat (steel of St44.2: grade, Mp content - 0.95%, St52: Mp content - 1.42%) up to 3 heats (A grade steel grade: Mp content - 0,43-0,46%);
  • Pipes – up to 3 heats (3sp, 5ps, B grade steel).      


Products made of quartz glass are fed under metal jet without preheating

Low thermal conductivity

Excluding skull formation in the channel and outlets

 Creating additional comfort at product change


When steel teeming, the product walls are worn equivalently to the amount of teemed steel

The outer surface of the quartz product is covered upon service with the layer of fluoro-calcium silicates that play protective role.

Fundamentally new production of corundum-graphite products

The experts of the PJSC Krasnogorovka Refractory Plant are always abreast of the latest technologies so they have mastered the production of corundum-graphite products.

We also perform mass supplies of other refractory materials for continuous steel teeming.

For pressing of long corundum-graphite products of KG grade (steel teeming nozzles, stopper-monoblocks) that are used in the continuous steel teeming facilities, we installed hydraulic extruder, H20MN model.

Exceptional development of starter mixtures

The PJSC Krasnogorovka Refractory Plant approved in 2004 the method of creation of starter refractory mixtures with carbon content for filling of teeming channel of ladle nozzle of grades ZKS-1, ZKS-2, ZKS-3, ZKS-4 according to the Technical Specification of Ukraine 26.2-00190503-272:2005 with the properties.

Starter mixtures ensure uniform opening of the steel discharge hole of the slide gate nozzle that is 95.6 to 99% under conditions of various metal plants. This ensures homogeneous jet and minimum metal spillage.

The developed starter mixtures completely comply in respect of chemical and grain composition with the mixture Ferroline made by Vesivius, Germany. So, we may safely safe that we have created the product of world quality.

Credible volumes of corundum products

We created new technology of production of:

  • concrete corundum unburnt weldblocks of grade KBG-95: durability – 95 heats (15675t of steel),
  • concrete corundum unburnt ladle nozzles of grade KBS-95: durability – 15 heats (2475t of steel),
  • concrete corundum with additive unburnt nozzles-collectors of grade KDBS-85: durability – 2 heats (330t of steel).

Our experts have mastered the production of concrete corundum and mullite-corundum refractory mixtures with additives of grades SKC-90 and SMKC-80.

Our results speak for themselves, as in 2004, the blast furnace shop of the PJSC Mariupol Metallurgical Works named after Iliich lined dismountable ladle lip for tilting trough of the blast furnace. For lining there was used our refractory concrete made of corundum and cement mixture of SRC grade, and through the lip there passed about 115000 tons of cast iron. Moreover, we produced and supplied corundum-silicon carbide mixture for lining of chute covers of Sautwire line at the PJSC Artiemovsk plant for non-ferrous metals machining.


manufactures products for the following industries



Mechanical engineering

Thermal energy and energy saving


Silicate industry

Food industry