Velikoanadolsky Refractory Integrated Plant specializes in the production of aluminosilicate refractory products of wide range. We provide a complete technological cycle of production, from raw material extraction and ending with the production of finished products.

VRIP is the full-cycle production enterprise

Due to raw material base, the plant has a number of advantages over the enterprises of similar profile and occupies leading positions in the production of the whole range of fireclay refractory products.

Through constant work on quality improvement, improvement and introduction of new technologies, in efforts to maximize the satisfaction of the requirements of refractory products consumers, our company offers long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

VRIP manufactures the products for the following industries:



Mechanical engineering

Thermal energy and energy saving


Silicate industry

Food industry

Raw materials

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VRIP is the full-cycle production enterprise

Velikoanadolsky Refractory Integrated Plant is the eldest refractory enterprise of Ukraine. Everything started with the fact that in 1897, the representatives of the Belgian joint-stock company built under the contract for Vladimirovka communal lands rent the ceramic factory, where the refractory manufacturing process was performed in a primitive way – manually.

Today, VRIP is already one of the largest suppliers of refractory fireclay products in Ukraine.

The PrJSC Velikoanadolsky Refractory Integrated Plant brand products are supplied for metallurgical, machine-building, glass, TPP, state district power stations and other enterprises in Ukraine, as well as large quantities are shipped abroad: both in the CIS countries, and in the countries of the far abroad.

The study of new types of products make our range more diverse.

Aiming to be a leader in the sphere of development of new types of refractories, the plant laboratory and New Technology Centre are equipped with modern test equipment of the European level.

Since 2002, the company has developed and implemented a quality management system, complying with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2008.